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Review a specific element of your surfing using remote video analysis

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Online Video Analysis

The Online Surf Academy also offers personalised online coaching, helping you from anywhere in the world to improve your technique using advanced video analysis software.

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Using videos and direct interations, the Online Surf Academy teaches you the skills essential for reaching your maximum surfing potential.

Become a better surfer

Take Your Surfing To The Next Level with the Online Surf Academy.

Learn and improve in your own time and at your own pace

Be confident in any conditions and riding at speed

Boost strength, stamina + mobility in your surfing

Generate power like a pro


What you can learn faster!

Bottom Turns

When setting up your off the top manoeuvres in surfing, it’s paramount to have a technically sound bottom turn.


Have you ever wanted to improve your cutbacks so much that they become technically perfect from start to finish?

Surf Prehab

Includes exercises in the form of dynamic stretches, strength work & recovery minimising injury & promoting movement.

PLUS...all of the following

  • Understand equipment
  • Understand surf etiquette
  • How to do line up check
  • Positioning yourself in the line up
  • Good wave selection
  • How to pop up
  • How to angle on take off
  • Learn to lean
  • How to surf top to bottom
  • How to duck dive
  • How to wipeout safely
  • How to generate speed
  • How to carve
  • How to do floaters
  • How to do lip line
  • How to do re-entry
  • How to tube ride
  • How to do laybacks
  • How to do bottom turns
  • How to set up aerials
  • How to do air reverses
  • How to do cutbacks


Share your Online Surf Academy experience with us by posting photos and videos on social media using the hashtag #HPCWA. We will feature the best photos and videos on this website as well as our social media platforms. Vouchers or merchandise will be available for the best videos or photos we receive!


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