Frequently Ask Questions

1. How do I end my membership?

Simply email us or go into your members portal and end your subscription.

2. What skateboard do I use for skate situations?

Online Surf Academy & Margaret River High Performance Centre use Smoothstar skateboards but any skateboard designed for surf style carving rather than your conventional skate style board will work fine.

3. What level is Online Surf Coaching for?

Our online coaching platform is designed for all levels of surfers from beginners right through to competitive surfers.

4. Is there an app for the Online Surf Academy?

There’s no app for our Online Surf Academy however our website has been optimised for any smart phone, tablet, or computer that has web browsing capabilities.

5. How do I make a payment to get started?

Our point of sale check out is on our website and very easy and safe to use. Pay with credit card, debit card or if you want to surprise a friend or family member purchase one of our gift cards.

6. How long do I have access to the video tutorials?

We offer 1 month or 12 month subscriptions which will give you full access to our video tutorials. This is recurring until you cancel your subscription.

7. Why Should I Subscribe?

Surfing lessons are great but are reliant on surf conditions and need to fit with our daily routines which don’t always match up. By subscribing you have coaching at your fingertips at any given time or place for one flat monthly or yearly fee which works out to be extremely cost affective giving you plenty of options. For example on flat days you can do skate and land simulations and use video tutorials and video analysis when the surf is pumping.

8. How do I know Online Surf Coaching is for me?

As surfers we tend to try and work out what we should be doing by ourselves. This guessing game of trial and error is a very long winded way to achieve progression in surfing. This concise online platform eliminates the guessing game and helps you to progress, become a better surfer and have much more fun in a shorter period of time.

9.  What age do I need to be to join up?

It’s never too late to improve and become technique perfect surfers and getting an early start is always beneficial. Customers under 18 should have permission from a parent or guardian.

If you have any  questions that aren’t answered here please contact us and we will get back to you with an answer.

1.  What level of surfing is Video Analysis suitable for?

No matter what your level video analysis is a very effective and functional tool to help you progress faster at surfing.

2.  How do I upload my videos?

Simply drag and drop your video into the allocated box on the screen or click upload and select your video from your device. This is compatible for videos up to 100 Megabytes. If your video file is bigger upload to Vimeo or YouTube and copy and paste the link. Keep footage cropped to single manoeuvre  videos rather than using larger files. Remember we are analysing one manoeuvre at a time so excess footage is not needed.

3.  When will I receive my analysed video?

Our turnaround is generally five working days but we will try to get them to you sooner wherever possible.

4.  How many manoeuvres do you work on in each analysis?

To get the best results we focus on one skill at a time. This is tried and proven and is the most effective strategy for faster progression.

5.   If I don’t have footage of myself surfing, can I still utilise this feature?

We can use generic footage for analysis however we highly recommend in this situation to sign up for a month of our Online Surf Academy for just $21.  This will give you access to video tutorials on a broad range of manoeuvres and skills and is also complete with technique drills and skate and land simulations. Annual subscription is $199.

If you have any  questions that aren’t answered here please contact us and we will get back to you with an answer.


Using videos and direct interations, the Online Surfing Academy teaches you the skills essential for reaching your maximum surfing potential.

Become a better surfer

Take Your Surfing To The Next Level with the Online Surfing Academy.

Learn and improve in your own time and at your own pace

Be confident in any conditions and riding at speed

Boost strength, stamina + mobility in your surfing

Generate power like a pro


Personalised online coaching to help you with any aspect of your surfing.

Simply upload a video of your surfing

Fill in the online form and complete your one-time payment

We will review your video and create a training program outlining our training recommendations and drills


Go Surfing!

Online Analysis

The Online Coaching Academy also offers personalised online coaching, helping you from anywhere in the world to improve your technique using advanced video analysis software.


Share your Online Surf Academy experience with us by posting photos and videos on social media using the hashtag #HPCWA. We will feature the best photos and videos on this website as well as our social media platforms. Vouchers or merchandise will be available for the best videos or photos we receive!


What you can learn faster!

Bottom Turns

When setting up your off the top manoeuvres in surfing, it’s paramount to have a technically sound bottom turn.


Have you ever wanted to improve your cutbacks so much that they become technically perfect from start to finish?

Surf Prehab

Includes exercises in the form of dynamic stretches, strength work & recovery minimising injury & promoting movement.

PLUS...all of the following

  • Understand equipment
  • Understand surf etiquette
  • How to do line up check
  • Positioning yourself in the line up
  • Good wave selection
  • How to pop up
  • How to angle on take off
  • Learn to lean
  • How to surf top to bottom
  • How to duck dive
  • How to wipeout safely
  • How to generate speed
  • How to carve
  • How to do floaters
  • How to do lip line
  • How to do re-entry
  • How to tube ride
  • How to do laybacks
  • How to do bottom turns
  • How to set up aerials
  • How to do air reverses
  • How to do cutbacks


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